Software Utilities and Tools:

Adaware Sofware
Adaware Software are generally used to protect you against ad-serving software , Trojan horses, and other means of tracking your surfing habits.
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AntiVirus Software
Anti-Virus Software offers protection against known and previously unknown viruses
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Free Firewall Software
A firewall is a set of related programs, located at a network gateway server that protects the resources of a private network from users of external networks.
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Free FTP Software
This is a programs for exchanging files between computers on the Internet by using standard Internet protocol FTP (File Transfer Protocol).
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GHOST Software
Ghost Software stands for GENERAL HARDWARE ORIENTED SYSTEM TRANSFER and GHOST Software is a Comprehensive PC management for OS deployment, software distribution, user-state migration, back up and disaster recovery.
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Free PDA Software
PDA software is a programs that allows you to store names and addresses, prepare to-do lists, schedule appointments, play music and video files, keep track of projects, take notes and do calculations.
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Free OCR Software
Free OCR software is necessary for users who needs to retype that document which exists only in a paper. You could easy turn that paper document into editable text with Free OCR Software.
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Free desktop enhancement software
Desktop wallpaper's cycler and organizer.
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FTP programs and tools
Easy-to-use free FTP client.
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Internet tools
Free internet accelerator.
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Nokia symbian apps
Free sis files for Nokia Symbian phones.
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Spyware removal tools
Keep your private data secure with spyware removals, history cleanes and encryption tools.
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Free internet utilities
Internet Software and Utilities.
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