Free Towing Software

Free Towing Software are used by Tow Companies to record and track tow calls. A right free towing software should be capable to track any events of tow process such as recording the date and time when tow call was received, the time of beginning and ending tow, the current pickup location, the details of vehicle's owner such as Address, Full Name, Phone Number, license and tag number, VIN, model, odometer readings, tow truck driver's name, and any special remarks.

Certainly you understand that without special towing software you should do a lot of paperwork. Finally it will be negatively reflected in your business. You will have the big problems with the lost tow tickets.

But you can eliminate all the difficulties, by using right towing software product. The Towing software would help you to reduce time for towage, to reduce deterioration of trucks, to cut down expenses on fuel and to serve the customer most quickly. You can print various reports, bills and other documents based on listed tow records.

Free towing software should have the following features for entering and finding Tow records easily and on time:

The Customer Log Screen - this screen helps you to view and sort tow calls by date or by customers.

The Dispatching Screen - this screen lets you to create a tow call, find locations, calculate en-route and loaded mileages, assign a nearest truck and driver to a specific call. It also helps with pricing the service after completion of towing and making the invoice

The Driver Log Screen - this screen can help you to view calls, calculate route and loaded mileages by a specific driver.

The Search Screen - this screen help you to find any tow call information in your database and bring it up for editing or reporting.

The Vehicle Storage Screen - this screen can help you to find vehicles in your storage, sort vehicles by specified driver or customer and print any reports for any vehicles.

Right towing software should give you a convenient and useful towing solution. Free towing software should also integrate your Employee Records Accounting Records and be a powerful solution to help you increase your profit.