Nokia 3650 .sis files definition.

Nokia .sis files are used to expand the capabilities of your Nokia Symbian phone. SIS-files are applications that you can install into your Nokia 3650 Phone. The phone must be connected to a compatible PC via infrared (IrDA) or Bluetooth connection.

Software for Symbian OS phones is normally supplied using a Symbian installation file (with a .sis extension). This is a single file that contains the components needed to get a piece of software installed and ready to run. A SIS file can be run on a Symbian phone (e.g. from the Inbox or via a file manager . It can also be run via the PC connectivity solution that was supplied on the CD with the handset. The best way to install nokia software files is -

  • Beaming - Beam the Software 3650 .sis files to your handset from your PC using Bluetooth or IR. If you don't currently have the ability to beam files to the handset via Bluetooth infrared (either from another handheld device or from a PC), then you may wish to purchase an IRDA adapter for your PC (this means you'll be able to install software, backup and synchronize data between phone and PC).
  • Install via PC - Assuming you've installed the PC connectivity suite that was supplied with your phone, look for the "Install software" option. You'll need to have the handset connected to the PC via serial, Bluetooth or infrared for this to work.
  • By email - The alternative is to email the nokia 3650 .sis files that you're trying to install, to your own email account, and then use your phone to logon to your email and download the Software 3650 .sis files as an attachment into your phone's Messaging Inbox.
  • Via memory card - There is another alternative for users of phones that take memory cards (such as the 3650 and 6600) by transferring the Nokia 3650 .sis file to the handset via the card slot and a PC MMC Memory card reader. Copy files onto an MMC from your PC, and then insert the MMC card into your handset. You'll need a file manager to access the file from the memory card (many file managers are available from

Nokia .sis files beamed to the 3650 can be found in the Messaging application, in the Inbox folder. If you've downloaded an application or symbian .sis files and find you can't install it - make sure the file you're trying to install is a SIS (Symbian Installation) file. Many files are distributed in a compressed form (using the ZIP file format). If the file has a .ZIP extension, you'll need to unzip it first. You can do this with a PC application such as WinZip .