3D Shape Optimization Software

Many studies and scientific research has proved that the efficiency and reliability of any manufactured products depend on, among other things, geometrical aspects; it is therefore not surprising that optimal shape design problems have attracted the interest of applied mathematicians and engineers. For e.g. the 3d shape or an aeroplane or a Formula 1 racing car is a very important factor in not only its speed but also a determining factor in how much fuel average it provides. Therefore more and more manufacturers are using the services of a shape optimization software to give their product a definite edge over its competition.

The objective of any 3d optimization software is to facilitate the designer's task and help him select the optimum shape for his product. A software product should also be integrated to a decision-aiding tool for the designer, taking into account uncertainty and the steps the designer takes in the decision process. The 3d shape software is further more important in manufacturing process as if the shape is not optimal, it is often sent back for modifications, thereby increasing costs and time to market. Ideally, the designer would like to define an objective function, push a button and the shape optimization software iterate over the finite element simulation to yield the optimal tooling shape. Shape modification is however, not a trivial matter from a computational perspective.

There are different software programs available specific for different industries. Structural optimization is a major concern in the design of mechanical systems in the industry (civil engineering, car makers, aeronautics, aerospace or any industry for that matter). Engineers do not content themselves with a mere improvement of a few mechanical properties, but they strive for a global optimization of weight, rigidity, resistance and cost.

Traditionally, engineers proceed by trial and error, and optimization is really a matter of intuition and know-how. This is of course an old-fashion, costly, and imperfect way of optimizing. The modern trend is to use more and more numerical processes which simultaneously analyze and optimize many possible designs, making optimal design an automatic process. Optimization program develops different algorithms to compute optimal shapes and structures.

Shape optimization software helps the engineer to find a final design of a structural component with increased strength and durability. Without deep optimization a component may fail because the strength in some areas is to small. By means of optimization software the strength will be adjusted and the quality of the whole component will be increased at less weight. Engineers that have taken advantage of the benefits can't do their future work without shape optimization software any more.