OLAP Software

OLAP is On-Line Analytical Processing. OLAP Software is a set of technologies and programs for managing, sorting, collecting, processing and presenting Multidimensional Data for the further analysis and use.
OLAP software allow to process operational data using simple business terms, in order to provide the best analytical efficiency. OLAP tools allows you to analyze Multidimensional Data in any possible dimensions. The core of OLAP system is the OLAP Server, which provides communication between the Database Management System (DBMS) and the client The OLAP Server knows, by what principle the data in a database are organized and contains all special functions for the analysis of the data. OLAP software tools are applications that can solve complex tasks with many variables. For example: OLAP software can determine the lowest costs of shipping to customers in North America to those in South Africa.

OLAP functionality are defined by quick and flexible multi-dimensional analysis of consolidated business data with support of analytical and navigational activities for end users including:

  • modeling and can be applied across dimensions, through database's hierarchies and across members
  • dividing of datasets for detailed viewing
  • processing from top - to the deeper levels of consolidation
  • reach-through to any levels of the data
  • trend analysis over defined periods of time
  • transformation to new dimensional comparisons in the viewing data

OLAP software is designed for work in a multi-user client-server mode and gives most rapid response to any queries, irrespective of database size and complexity. OLAP allows user to synthesize database information through comparative, customized viewing, as well as through analysis of stored and projected data in various situations. All this can be made using OLAP server.

Most popular OLAP programs are Hyperion Solution's Essbase and Oracle's Express Server. These OLAP servers is designed for work in multiple-user client-server mode. The current cost of these OLAP softwares depends on the number of users.