Maatwerk Software is one of the best software development companies in the world. Maatwerk Software specializes in developing software that exactly meets the requirements of its customers. It tries to involve the customer as much as possible during the development process, resulting in an application that is very easy to use and exactly fulfills customers needs. Nothing more, nothing less. Maatwerk Software prevents you from having to work with a memory-consuming application that takes up tens or hundreds of megabytes of your hard disc, of which a large part will never be used.

As a customer of Maatwerk Software you are heavily involved during the development process. Your knowledge of your organization and your specific wishes form the bricks of the application. We lay the bricks to build you a strong and solid house. You decide how much luxury you want your house to have. If you don't want a garage, you won't get one.

Besides software for the PC, Maatwerk Software is also involved in designing websites.

Software products from Maatwerk Software -



GVH File library 1.0

All-in-one 32-bit file/folder utility dll. This API does it all:

Find files/folders that meet customizable criteria, perform standard or custom actions on matches;  Search/replace with auto- or controllable replace;  Create/delete folder-trees; Compression/decompression with user-defined progress notification callback, fully customizable; Common dialogs made easy: includes a customized dialog that allows for multiple file from multiple folder selection; Includes a 'select folder'-dialog; Handles 64-bit integer values for file sizes, includes function to convert to decimal; Splitting/merging;  Query extended information about files and folders; Various Win API calls simplified by eliminating need to fill out complex structures or arg-lists;

- And more!
This API can be a very helpful component for your applications.

GVH Logging and Debug library 3.0

Very powerful debug-tool for C en C++ developers. For e.g. MSVC.

Decreases development time significantly by eliminating the need to slowly step through your program.
Logs information to a log file and optionally to a scrollable real-time window. Suspend/resume possibilities, memory-leak detection, memory-usage, hex-dumps, all types of variables, selective logging, function-call stack, automatic suspension, use of more than one log file, exact CPU-cycle count between function-entry and exit and much more.

GVH Setup Maker 1.0

The installation tool for the professional programmer:

Features include:

No scripting . You create your Setup package using a clear and easy to use graphical user interface.
Registry keys . Type the keys yourself or paste them from your local machine. Strings, numbers and binary values.
Testing . Test your Setup at any time directly from the GUI.
License key generation .  GVH Setup Maker can automatically generate license numbers to protect your application from illegal copying.
Minimal, normal and custom Setup are supported.
Product components Create different product components to enable your user to optionally install parts of your product. Components can contain subcomponents. Unlimited number of levels!
Shared files (sharedDlls). Setup registers your shared files.
Version checking . Setup will not overwrite files that contain a higher version number than the one being installed.
Uninstall . Through the Control Panel, your users can safely remove products that were installed by Setup.
Autorun . For CD-installations.
Multi-disc . Choose your disc capacity, accurate to one byte, and GVH Setup Maker will generate multiple disc-images when necessary.
Wizard . The built-in Wizard leads you through the steps that create a ready-to-use Setup package.