Most useful hurricane tracking softwares:

   Today, danger of such disasters as hurricanes and typhoons has strongly increased.

photo of hurricane katrina
Last hurricane Rita and Hurricane Katrina have put huge damage to US economy and also left thousands people homeless. The counter of victims continues to increase till now!!!

How achievements of modern technology can help with similar situations?

Certainly, today the mankind cannot oppose hurricane means of commensurable scale and capacity but we can use the knowledge for duly detection of hurricanes and trackings their movement.
Such programs are called Hurricane Tracking Software.

Eye of the Storm

Category: Hurricane Tracking Software

This tracking software includes 3 kinds of Global Hurricane Tracking Maps and also interactive realistic earth images with day and night mode.
Include satellite image retrieval tool with an opportunity of individual option.
Periodic retrieval of coordinates and hurricane track forecasting received from NHC
The improved Hurricane Track Forecasting for 5 days forward
Automatic retrieval of NHC Public and Marine Advisories, and Tropical Outlook statements.
3D earth maps with zoom and pan options.
Software shows political borders for all US States and Counties.
This tracking software have ability to print maps in full-color mode.
You can copy and paste map images using Windows clipboard
You can easy calculate distance from hurricane
This tracking software generate alarm sound and visual warnings when hurricane is too close to your location.
Built-in storm animations and playback options
Contains archives of storm history since 1851.
This program track over 1900 storms for Atlantic and Northeast Pacific regions!

Global Tracks

Category: Hurricane Tracking Software

Global Tracks Software provides hurricane and typhoon analysis and tracking around the world. Global Tracks includes over 10,000 tracks of typhoons and hurricanes, dating since 1886. This feature can help to make forecast of hurricane's track in future. The tracking software automatically receive the current typhoon and hurricane information from different tracking stations and puts it directly onto your desktop. It have a distance calculator that will tell you the precise distance from the hurricane eye to you location. It also determine the closest point of hurricane's approach to any selected city. Also, it can simulate for you worst case scenario meaning if the hurricane did not move as forecasted and moves straight for you, it will calculate point of time when it will be at your location. Global Tracks will work even on 486 PC or higher with a CD-ROM drive. It's require Windows'98 or higher, modem and internet access.

Hurricane Watch

Category: Hurricane Tracking Software

By using Hurricane Watch you can record, display and analyse typhoon's and hurricane's information. You can see storm tracks, displayed on a world map with high resolution. Any views can be zoomed to any location. Hurricane's arrival times and distance to your location or any geographic location can be displayed by one click. Plus, you can use this tracking software for improving your knowledge in geography as general aid for countries, cities, states, rivers, and lakes. A database contains history of all Atlantic Hurricanes since 1950 up to today. This hurricane tracking program is fully functional for a 30 day trial period .


Category: Hurricane Tracking Software

MERLIN is very popular software for hurricane tracking.
With MERLIN you can track hurricane movement and forecast its future behavior. This tracking software has been used by government agencies, police and fire departments, petro-chemical companies, educational institutions and usual people since 1991.

Practically without participation of the user, MERLIN can graphically display intensity of a hurricane, its track, calculate ETA and distance, store a hurricane's history.
But the most interesting, that MERLIN package also includes two unique algorithms which you will not find in any other software!

1. RATIO TRACKING ALGORITHM (RITA) 12 hour forecast of hurricane's location, based on current information about storm's speed and direction.

2. NEURAL NET (AI) Based on a neural network trained on hurricanes history, dating from 1886.

Track A Storm

Category: Hurricane Tracking Software Track-A-Storm - small software package that includes 20 color maps. The map and Storm icons can be move independently and simultaneous.

Tracking The Eye

Category: Hurricane Tracking Software

With this tracking program you can get real time data from web servers including real-time Satellite, Official NHC Prediction Path, Current position, Latest Real Track, Tropical Weather Forecast, Strike Probabilities, Public Advisories and Forcasts directly to Tracking The Eye to be viewed on a high resolution map and stored on your PC.
You can setup this software to send alerts to your cell phone or by email so when a new hurricane becomes active you will be ready!

Tropical Chaser

Category: Hurricane Tracking Software Tropical Chaser is a powerful software designed for tracking movement of a hurricane or typhoon.
Tropical Chaser package includes features which you will not find in any other tracking software:

Digital Map with zoom
Global World View (Track Hurricane in any point of world)
Multiple Hurricane Tracking
Hurricane Preparation Guide (that will help decrease damage to your home and maybe save your life)
You have to use it to appreciate all opportunities of the given tracking software.