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Company - Focus Technology Solutions Inc.
Website - http://www.bobchildcare.com/
Offering software, support, and administrative solutions to child care providers worldwide. Our mission is to develop, market, and support software that is intuitive, easy to learn, and adaptable to our clients' needs.

Company - Softcare
Website - http://www.soft-care.com/
SoftCare has been helping child care centers like yours save time and money for over 8 years. Our child care management software simplifies and streamlines records management and makes it easy for you to accurately organize, manage and maintain your child care information. Our software is flexible and powerful without sacrificing ease of use.

Company - CCA Solutions
Website - http://www.childcareadmin.com/
Childcare Administrator, by CCA Solutions, is a fully integrated Child Care / Daycare software designed to save time and money for leading child care providers around the world.

Company - Personalized Software Inc
Website - http://www.childcaremanager.com/
Revolutionary New Child Care Management & Accounting Software For Your Center. Easily Track Parent & Child, Employee, Time & Attendance, Payroll and CACFP Information Effortlessly

Company - Childcare Office
Website - http://www.childcareoffice.com/
ChildCare Office Pro is the most affordable and comprehensive childcare office management software on the market. Loaded with advanced features to organize and automate your daily childcare office procedures, you will be amazed at the user-friendly approach of this professional management tool. Because of its ease of use, we are able to provide our clients with unlimited technical support.

Company - Kask Software
Website - http://www.kasksoftware.com/
Childcare accounting and information management becomes easy and affordable. With Childcare Professional, you can keep track of important information, income, expenses, attendance, menus and activities. For more information about Childcare Professional

Company - ProviderWare Software
Website - http://www.providerware.com/
Child Care provider software.

Company - B & I - http://www.daycaresage.com
Childcare Sage is professional childcare and preschool management software that will manage your childcare or preschool.

Company - Remarkable Systems
Website - http://www.remarkable-systems.com/
ChildWatch(r) Web is the latest in daycare management software. It provices all the functionality of traditional desktop software, but with the advantages of the Internet. ChildWatch(r) Web operates using a web-browser and an Internet connection. There's nothing to install and the system works with any PC or Macintosh running a compatible browser. Try it for free!

Company - Cirrus Group
Website - http://www.daycareworks.com/
Daycare Works is an online service provided to daycares. Daycare providers can track children, statements, calendars and more online.

Company - MapleSoft Enterprises
Website - http://www.maplesoft.net/
MapleSoft Enterprises - Daycare 2005 - Daycare software that's affordable and easy to use. Manage Accounts, Child Records, Attendance & More. Download the free trial version: www.maplesoft.net
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