Hedge Fund Software

In today's increasingly competitive Hedge Fund Market, managers continue to further differentiate their fund offerings by establishing more specialized and complex strategies. Hedge fund managers need a Hedge Fund Software (H.F.S.) that not only incorporates the hedge fund business but is also focused on supporting their edge and unique service requirements.

Key Features of Hedge Fund Software -

(1) Tracks amounts invested and future commitments across active and prospect clients,

(2) Link all of your clients to the funds in which they invest, and associate the relevant contacts with each of them,

(3) H.F.S. records additions, withdrawals, NAVs and other transactions across different share classes and series,

(4) Track third party advisors, cap intro groups, marketers, and consultants,

(5) Activity log (calls, correspondence, tasks) at the institution and contact level,

(6) Workflow management and calendaring,

(7) Internal activity, correspondence, and compliance reports,

(8) Data access anywhere: remote, offline, and wireless (BlackBerry, Palm, etc.).

The Benefits of Investing in Hedge Fund Software

Traditionally, investors only demanded handsome returns from their hedge fund managers. But the industry is going through a major evolution. Some of the changes that are driving the demand for a higher degree of transparency and more attention to client services include:

Fund of funds: More money is flowing into fund of funds, which allows the average investor into the hedge-fund world. Easier access means a larger, less-savvy and more demanding community of investors.

Institutional investors: Institutional investors see hedge funds as an attractive alternative to the stock market. Those that invest retirement funds have strict fiduciary responsibilities and need to prove that they have performed their due diligence.

Regulatory oversight: Implementation of anti-money laundering legislation, registration and possibly more stringent reporting requirements have been deferred but are inevitable.

Continuing to service a larger, more diverse client base with spreadsheets will require more manual intervention, more resources and restrict your ability to grow. H.F.S. can help, and even provide you with business development opportunities. Although the benefits of investing in H.F.S. are basic and easy to justify, selecting the right H.F.S. is not so straightforward. You need a H.F.S. that is robust, operationally efficient and easy to use. You also need to consider some of these essential issues:

Flexibility : Can the H.F.S. handle a broad client base, a full complement of financial products and multiple investment strategies?

Scalability: Will the H.F.S. be able to support future growth and be able to handle increased activity, higher volumes and more users?

Reliability: Does the H.F.S. work? Will the Hedge Fund Software reduce operational costs? Can the costs and problems caused by manual intervention be avoided?

Capability: Does the H.F.S. have the capacity to adapt to changes that may occur in the industry without sacrificing vital functions or investor demands?