Gradebook Software

Gradebook Software (GS) is a specialized programs for teachers that help to manage grades, do assignments, plans schedule of lessons, to track attendance and more. If you are a teacher, then you know how much time you spend for keeping track of your gradebook. You must worry about many different students when you are in a school environment. Each student has his or her personal agenda, and you should be sure that you can give equal attention to every one of them. Therefore there are many free gradebook software available that can make your work more easy and effective. By using programs like gradebook software, teachers can minimize the amount of time that they spends to gradebook.

gradebook software

With Gradebook Software you can:

• to keep records of grades and attendance for the whole school term.

•  easily add new students, assignments, and scores to your Gradebook.

•  create and manage assignments, schedules, activities, and handouts.

•  Easy to use and customized grading systems, including graphs, throw out low/high scores, user-defined categories, and special grade types.

•  GS can calculate grades automatically.

•  creates lesson's schedule, performance assessments, seating charts, and more.

•  GS provides teacher with a various of standard and customized reports for students, parents, other teachers, and administrators.

•  With gradebook software you can evaluate individual student successes or failures at the click of a mouse.

•  GS reports make communications with student's parents of easier.

•  GS saves time which the teacher spends, preparing to student conferences.

•  GS helps teacher to quickly create, edit and print out student's seating charts.

•  GS provides teacher with grading and attendance reports, detailed by the person or class.

•  Gradebook software can offer statistics on students, classes, assignments, categories, terms and semester.

•  GS has support of the block schedule, traditional, and trimester school years.

Though studying free gradebook software will need some time, but finally, it will allow the teacher to keep a lot of time in the future work. Teachers who want to automate the grading process can do so throughout the entire year, and come up with a system of grading that is more conducive to their style of teaching. Today, more and more teachers find it very convenient.