Free FTP Software

FTP, a standard Internet protocol, is the simplest way to exchange files between computers on the Internet. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. FTP is the best means for moving large files across the Internet. FTP is a client/server protocol that enables a user with an FTP client to log on to a remote machine, navigate the file system of that remote machine, and upload and download files from that machine. There are two basic types of FTP on the Internet, anonymous ftp and private ftp. With anonymous ftp, one logs in as user anonymous, giving one's email address as a password. With private FTP, one logs in with the username and password one has established on that particular system. You are logged into your home directory, with all the file permissions you would normally have there.

FTP Software are primarily used to upload or download files from internet. If you do a lot of uploading or downloading then you must check around the web for the best FTP software available. Some people do all their downloading through their Web browsers. Indeed, for casual downloader's, your browser may be all the software you need. FTP client provides a much superior method for downloading software. It provide many handy features that can make your downloading time much more efficient. For example, some of these programs let you "tag" various files that you'd like to download while you're surfing. After you've finished a surfing session, they'll automatically go out and retrieve the files for you and then shut down your connection. Other programs will automatically reconnect and resume a failed download for you. Some FTP program will even shutdown your computer automatically after all the files have been downloaded.

But one of the best features available in FTP software is to resume file transfer. It is very annoying when you get logged out because of a disconnection and you have to re-upload or re-download the entire files again which obviously is very time consuming. FTP software can resume the file transfer from where it was left and save you a lot of time. It also have multi session feature with which you can connect to the same FTP server from the same computer more than one time. This is useful when you are downloading a file from one site and want to browse or download a file from another site simultaneously or the same site.

A relatively new time saving feature in FTP client is the ability to edit remote files. Some FTP software come with their own editors that help you edit remote files instantly.