Free Poker Software

    Poker is a five-card game. It is very popular of a class of games known as vying games, in which players with fully or partially hidden cards make bets into a central pot, which is awarded to the winner with the highest combination of cards.
Poker can also refer to such class of video games as video poker which is a game for single player seen in casinos much like a slot machine.

In order to play poker, one must understand the basic rules and procedures of the game, the values of the main combinations of cards, and betting limits and rules.
There are also many kinds of poker, which can be categorized as stud poker, draw poker, community card poker (aka "widow game"), and other miscellaneous poker games. The most often played games of the first three categories are seven-card stud, five-card draw, and Texas Hold 'em, respectively; each being a common starting point for learning type of the game.

Texas Hold'Em Assistant

One of the best interesting feature of this poker software is that it's Internet based, so you don't have to download additional modules and you can run it under any operating system. Texas Hold'Em Assistant calculates the probabilities of all the hands that can be produced from a combination of 2 hole cards and a Flop.
The most important! Texas Hold'Em Assistant is Free Software and there are no advertising modules!

Pokenum - Poker Hand Analyzer

This is an excellent tool for determining your experience in Lowball, Stud, and Hold'Em. This program simulates many hands so that you can calculate the win percent of your hand against other hands. A cool feature of this poker software is you have opportunity to add cards to the board, and can see how your hand strength changes relative to others players, as the board progresses. It's Very Cool Poker Software. Additionally, its source code is open, so you can make it better should you have the skills to do so.

  Dave O'Brien's Smoke'em Poker

Smoke'em Poker - Editors Choice!
It's very hard to find a poker game that is this enjoyable, attractive, cheerful, and absolutely free! Unfortunately, it's only available for Windows-based computers. It is free poker game which will swallow huge amount of your time! Enjoy!

   Ace Analysis Poker Chart

This is software called Poker Charts which you can log into for free, online, through your phone or other mobile devices.
This poker software helps tracks your performance history throughout your poker career. The graphs and analysis it provides are very useful in figuring out your mistakes and successes. So, using this free poker software you will improve your experience in poker game day by day. It is free software for you because it is paid for by advertisers, whose banners you will be are compelled to see.


This software is designed only for Macintosh computers. You pay only $25 for over 95 poker games, but you can play Seven Card Stud for free to check out this software. You can make up characters to pay against, you can control their weaknesses and strengths and you can improve your game experience, using game charts! This poker software will give a fantastic poker simulation with huge list of other pretty features.

   Wilson Software Turbo Poker

Wilson Software has various types of poker software available in market. You can try free demo poker games on their site, but the games themselves are sells from $89.99 down to $6.95. All Wilson Poker Software comes with simulations and statistical analyses module so that you can improve your experience in poker game. All poker game products are made at a high quality level. Unfortunately, this poker software only available on Windows-based platforms.

  Frugal Gambler Video Poker Teacher

This poker software can quickly teach you to play video poker. Internal database store your winnings and loses history. It combines functions of the hand analyzer and poker chart, but you can't fill anything in because it's tracking your game progress on the program itself. This poker software not free and sells for $39.99USD, but it comes with an instructional video as a bonus, which will help at the beginning of the game.

   IRC Poker

Wanna play poker with yours ICQ friends? John Coker Software has designed a graphical base to play online poker on IRC! IRC is a fastest means of dialogue between people based on a text chat. First you must create a dealer bots (bot are special program that behave like real people). You will spent a many time playing online ICQ poker without a bot. Because you should exchange constantly a plenty the text information with the opponents, but it is very difficult and unpleasant. This poker software can solve this problem and we think it's a great one. This is Free Poker Software!

  UK Tournament Poker Software

This Poker Game specially designed for people who want to play by United Kingdom Tournament rules. This poker game will work under almost all Windows family operational systems except XP. This poker software allows you to play a Texas Hold'Em, Full 7 Card Stud or 4-card Omaha Tournament. You can add to game up to 11 different computer players, analyze your mistakes and successes after play, customize your tournament settings and more! You can play this poker game for free with dealing limitations or you can buy full version for $32.

  All Video Poker for Palm OS

All Video Poker is a software that simulate video poker as found in regular casinos. Games contains more than 10 different types of video poker, including Bonus Poker, Jacks or Better, Joker Poker, All American Poker and Deuces Wild. This game is shareware, which means it's free to try, but they'd like you to register it at a cost of $9.95USD. For low price you receive a game, which allows you to play poker in the car, in the train - everywhere!