Free OCR Software

OCR software. How it works.
Optical Character Recognition aka OCR is the process of converting a image file into an text document that you can open and edit whith Microsoft Word/Excel processor, or another text editor programs. Now most of OCR software packages support for multiple languages, PDF and HTML output. Free OCR software is necessary for those who needs to retype that document which exists only in a paper. You could easy turn that paper document into editable text by free OCR tool. And use it in any application including Microsoft Word and WordPerfect.

The Note: For successful character recognition the source file must be in high resolution - at least 300dpi!

You can add character recognition capabilities to your custom software by using SimpleOCR without the complexity and expense of runtime licensing.
SimpleOCR is the only OCR API that's Royalty Free Save hundreds on every runtime license
Version 3.5 Now Available!
We are proud to announce the release of SimpleOCR 3.5! Version 3.5 adds many important new features to the SimpleOCR engine: Template matching in OCR engine:
Supports color and grayscale images
API now includes an ActiveX wrapper dll for easy integration
Supports input from TIFF, BMP and JPEG image files
A video demo is now included that demonstrates how to use the application
Ability to limit the character set used in OCR
Bundled with 14-day evaluation of CharacTell's handprint recognition engine
Verifier that compares suspected errors to the original image
API comes with include files for easy integration in Visual Basic and Delphi
API returns coordinates of recognized words and images
Several crash bugs were eliminated


IMAGE2PDF is a file utility to convert image files into 1 PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format) or multiple PDFs. You can convert 1 image file per pdf or many images into 1 pdf. Images can be scanned. Set PDF permissions , set PDFf properties and encrypt PDF. Images can be various format: TIF, JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, WMF AND EMF. Adobe Acrobat Reader is not needed.
Different page sizes can be used
Your can set own custom pdf page width and custom pdf page length
It's easy to use Image to PDF program!
And it's absolutely Free Software!

Common features:

Accuracy - The main feature of any OCR tools is accuracy. It must have up to 98% accuracy to be very useful. The increased accuracy greatly reduces the need for proof reading and correction after recognition . The recognition tool needs to decrease any background clutter in the image and churn out accurate text.

Dictionary - Good OCR program must come with a big dictionary which must be frequently updated. Adding words to the dictionary by yourself, you increase accuracy of recognition with every use.

Despeckle - For those documents / images which are not clear enough (i.e. faxes, bad copies), OCR freeware provides a "noisy document" or despeckle option which should increase the recognition Software accuracy.

Format Retention - OCR Software should keep certain elements of the document's format in the recognized document. From font sizes to font attributes such as underline, bold, and italic, Free OCR Software should recognizes it all. Along with the document's text, OCR freeware should have the features to capture and save pictures from the document along with the option to extract only the plain text also.

Batch OCR - recognition software should support batch mode so that multiple documents can be extracted at one go.

Zone OCR - Sometimes all you may need is to extract the text from a certain area in a document. Maybe one footnote. Maybe a column or one paragraph. Free OCR Software should have support for Zone scanning as well.

Output Formats - OCR programm should output in various formats such as DOC, XLS, TXT and RTF which are importable into most every program such as Word, Excel, WordPerfect, HTML editors, and e-mail programs, either fully formatted or as plain text. Also, it can save scanned documents in the industry standard TIFF format, a format as widely accepted as PDF files.

Multiple Language Support - OCR software should support multiple language recognition.