Free Firewall Software

A Firewall is a specialized software which protects an internal network from undesirable intrusions from an external network (such as Internet) and is usually installed on a computer with a network gateway. Practically, a free firewall software combines functions of a network router, of a filter of network packets and usually has the built-in anti-virus module. The free firewall software is usually installed on a separate computer that any request from an external network could not reach directly resources of your private network. There are some methods of protection with using of free firewall software. The most simple, it when is firewall generate the message on the screen for confirmation, that the request arrives from the acceptable (trusted) host and IP address.

Free Firewall Software allow you not only to protect your computer from hostile intrusions but also warn you when doubtful programs try to connect to Internet without your sanction. This feature has become very popular at increasing of numbers of programs installing adware or spyware that try to connect with undesired host without your knowing. There are many Firewall Software are free only for personal use.

Features of a Free Firewall Software:

•  protects computers in your network from viruses such as Trojans, Spyware, Worms and other known and unknown threats

•  forbids to malicious or unauthorized programs from bypassing the firewall

•  allows users to customize security policies and define routing rule

•  maintain log of network activity for the further analysis of intrusions

provides complete protection of your PC from hackers and other intruders while preventing unauthorized connection from your PC to a network. Free Firewall Software makes your protected computers invisible to an external network. Therefore Free Firewall Software must protect any computers that connects to a private network or the public Internet.No matter how your computer connect to external network, by remote access or through a corporate firewall, whether dial-up or an persistent broadband Internet connection, Free Firewall Software guarantees that your financial, business and other private data is safe and protected.

Pay attention before using a firewall program - it should be very easy to use. Even the unexperienced user should be able to work in the Internet with complete confidence and security. Free Firewall Software should automatically detect your Internet connection and settings. So, install Free Firewall Software and you'll be sure that you got an advanced protection for all of your networking purposes.

Here some of the best personal firewalls that can be used for free for personal use:

Personal Free Firewalls: