Free CD Burner Software

Recordable and rewritable compact disk drives are booming in popularity. These multi-purpose devices let you back up your PC data and play or copy music CDs. CD Burn or CD Burning, simply put, is the recording of data from one CD to another blank CD. Chances are, you have probably "burned" music or software to a CD at home or work. Nowadays, many home computers come equipped with free CD burner software. However, to those in the field of duplicating more than a couple CDs at a time, CD duplication involves much more than just the actual copying of data.

There are many CD burner programs available in the market that are simple and easy to use. It lets you create high-quality audio CDs as well as data CDs, containing your files and directories. Also it can create an ISO image that can be used later to burn the same CD as often as needed. Most burning programs provides you on-the-fly conversion and support for Burn-Proof. If used in Audio mode, the MP3 files will be automatically converted to cda, so that they can be played in your regular stereo or car CD player. You can also use the Data mode to burn MP3 CDs that can be played in any compatible player.

With a CD burner software you can easily do the following:

•  burn CDR and CDR/W disc's

•  backup all your favorite CD ROMS.

•  organize, edit, preserve and share your digital photos, music, video and data

•  burn Audio CD's - that can be played in your Car or Home Stereo. (.MP3 or .Wav)

•  You can also burn .OGG and .WMA by using our free Audio CD Converter on our Site.

•  burn Data CD's - which can be just about anything on your computer.

•  burn ISO images - a popular format for storing the contents of a Hard Drive or CD.

•  create ISO images

•  erase CDR/W disc's

•  burn Video CD's (VCD's and SVCD's) - that can be played in your home DVD player.

•  create a Slide Show - with your JPEG files that can be played in your home DVD player.

•  extract (Rip) audio from music CD's with the built in CD Ripper

•  retrieve album information about an audio CD using the Free DB service

•  copy Data CD's on a computer with one or multiple CD Writers

•  copy an Audio CD on a computer with one or multiple CD Writers

•  auto-verify data, after the burn perform a binary compare with the source files.