Ecommerce Software

Electronic or Ecommerce can be defined as business activities conduced using electronic data transmission via the Internet and the World Wide Web. Commonly, people think exclusively of consumer (business-to-consumer or B2C) shopping on the Web as electronic commerce, but in fact, business-to-business (B2B) transactions account for a much larger proportion of revenue generated directly by ecommerce. In addition, business processes that are not directly involved in selling and purchasing account for the majority of business activities on the Internet. Any software that is used to conduct ecommerce is called Ecommerce Software. (E.S.)

Examples of business-to-consumer transactions, such as are easy to identify. In these examples, an individual consumer selects and purchases a product or service over the Internet. Business-to-business transactions are similar, except they occur between two businesses.

Free Ecommerce Software is designed and created with the ecommerce trade in mind. Some examples of E.S. are the checkout carts, point and click shopping, merchant trade(meaning credit cards, etc, POS (Point Of Sale), tracking and stocking software. There are other kinds of E.S. as well. All software is created to keep the ecommerce site up and running smoothly with no glitches. OCR is another form of E.S.. Also software for customer lists, preferences, and sales is included in E.S.. All this software helps the business run 24/7/365.

How Useful is Ecommerce Software?

E-commerce software is extremely valuable to any ecommerce business. Without it, things would have to be kept on floppies and written lists, which sometimes are not very reliable. Without E.S., ecommerce would not run smoothly, much less run at all. The chances of you running a business online without this software are pretty much null. If any of this software doesn't function properly then the whole business could be slowed down or stopped, due to glitches in the E.S.. Ecommerce and such type of programs are tightly linked to one another. You can't have one without the other.

What are things you should consider before you buy E.S.?

First, if a E.S. crashes, whether by electrical failure or computer virus, stops the site dead in it's tracks. Second, identity theft is becoming more rampant as weaknesses are found in these E.S. programs. E.S. are vulnerable to hackers unless a special software is used to foil hackers. Third, maintenance on these E.S. programs must be done regularly to keep the site up and running well. Broken or non existent links can be a problem if the site is not updated daily. These are some of the points you must consider before you invest in a free ecommerce software.