Day Care Scheduling Software

Day Care Scheduling Management: A day care center can substantially benefit from computerized schedule management system. Typically a Day Care Scheduling Software (DCSS) would involve entering a schedule for children and staff and allowing the administrator to analyze and generate reports on these schedules. Most scheduling programs allows you to maintain many types of recurring schedule that reoccur every week or every month. In addition, the a sophisticated scheduling software would allow you to apply these recurring schedules to a calendar which would factor in holidays, vacations, temporary schedule changes, etc thus broadening the scope of such kind of software.

The best feature of any scheduling software lies in its ability to better match staffing levels to anticipated child attendance, thereby better managing the greatest expense in every center: payroll. In addition, for those centers whose fees are based on the child's schedule, the information should also be usable for calculating fees automatically.

Day care scheduling programs attendance management module can encompass everything from simple attendance sheets that provide an opportunity for parents and staff to mark attendance to sophisticated computerized time-clocks that allow parents and staff to clock-in and out on the computer. This feature in a Day Care Scheduling Software might use bar-codes, pin numbers, or even touch screens to allow sign-in. Each technology has its advantages and DCSS that supports a variety of input mechanisms is usually best.

DCSS parent communication module caters to perhaps the most important aspect of any day care center, communicating with the parents. The software should provide features that help send periodic reports and bills to the parents. Some advanced Day Care Scheduling Software also allows you to produce attractive newsletters for communicating with prospective families. Also such kind of software should allow you to use your existing word processor (like Microsoft Word) to produce merge letters which insert information from your databases. Products that have their own word processor will typically be limited in features and require you to learn an additional product that other people won't know. The result is additional expense, rather than the savings such products claim to offer.