Day Care Record-Keeping Software

Specialized day care recordkeeping software can help you with the child management, scheduling, waiting lists, accounting, billing and other necessities that keep you after-hours and from your prime role as a child care taker.

Apart from the child, parent, and pickup person information, photos, childcare rates, enroll dates, immunization histories, and comments, diets, scheduling, day care center management and accounting a daycare record keeping program should also help you with the day to day recordkeeping of a day care center. A specialized software should help you with the following additional functions that any other general recordkeeping programs cannot take care of –

Other types of data tracking (incidents, inventory, etc.) - As you think about your day care center, review all the paper forms that are produced; each is a candidate for automation. Since not all day care centers have the same requirements, software that allows you to create additional databases can be a great advantage in accommodating these needs. Consider how convenient it would be to have all incident records entered in your computer allowing you to review those involving a particular child, class, time frame, type of incident, etc. What licensing department (or parent) would not be impressed with this level of professionalism?

A specialized record keeping software should also additionally help you with your Food Program for children. The day care food program requires a substantial reporting burden for those centers that participate.

Meal Count Management module - this module allows day care centers to track children's eligibility for the program and calculate the number of meals served by eligibility class. This information can either come from the child schedules (and then be adjusted) or from the time-clock data.

Menu Planning/Food Production module in a Day Care Recordkeeping Software – This module allows childcare centers to establish menus and calculate required food purchases based on serving size and unit size data. Although this requires a great deal of initial setup, those centers that are required to document menus and food production reports will find this feature very useful.