Day Care Management Software

Day Care Management Software usually offer a complete solution which will provide all the critical functions of a daycare center like:

  • Child Information Management

  • Child Schedules

  • Medical / Dental

  • Immunization Management

  • Emergency Contacts

  • Incident Management

  • Budgeting

  • Checkbook Management

  • Accounts Receivable Management

  • Subsidy Management

  • Waiting List Management

  • Parent E-mail

  • Staff Information Management

  • Day Care Staff Scheduling

  • Enrollment Forecasting

  • User Defined Fields

Features which should be present in a day care management software:

  1. Total elimination of repetitive and redundant Data Entry.
  2. Opportunity to store and retrieve child's and family's information such as:

    • Personal Information which contains the key personal data including the child's name, birthday, age, gender, status, class, transportation information, week schedule and a child's picture.

    • Family Information and contacts data that are used for mailings, reports, and billing.

    • History of all Fees and Charges.

    • Medical Information and other required health care details such as medical emergency instructions and contacts list, doctors, immunizations, and insurance information.

  3. Opportunity to track schedule and attendance.

  4. Also Day Care Management program should have the built-in e-mail module to receive and send messages.

  5. Opportunity to transfer and synchronize all data in your PDA or Laptop.

  6. It should have an built-in backup module that allows to protect all your data from damage or loss in case of computer's crash and offers high security with password protection.

  7. Includes various day care forms to help you comply with laws and protect your business from critical mistakes.

  8. The opportunity to make customized reports with selectable information, column order and contact grouping and output reports in most popular formats such as MS Word or MS Excel.