Day Care Accounting Software

Free day care accounting software is special tool that allows to manage your incomes and expenditures. Obviously the most important target for automation of any day care center is the managing the accounts. Any acounting software should have the ability to manage all accounts receivable as well as all accounts payable. There are many accounting software. Day care centers have many specific tasks such as providing parents with a year-end record of payments, controlling parental and subsidized fees, and automatic posting of recurring charges. Free day care accounting programs vary widely in their capability to adapt various rate structures and the simplicity with which they allow you to work with ledgers and perform postings. Any advanced Day Care Accounting Software will provide correct checks and audit trails to guarantee that postings are made and maintained correctly through out the whole year.

Most of usual Day Care Accounting Software allows you to bill your clients in several different ways, such as:

  • Period Invoice - allows you to bill your child a full time rate, part time rate, or by daily rates. Also you can add any discounts or extra fees by the day, or once you have subtotaled the invoice.
  • Hourly Invoice - in this mode you can bill your child by an hourly rate, by the day. Allows to simply enter their times for each day.
  • Simple Period Invoice - simply define the any period for the invoice, and the amount you want to bill, and with a several clicks of the mouse your invoice is fully complete.
  • Simple Hourly Rate - same as the hourly invoice above, however the hours are displayed as a total, and not broken down by day.

Day Care Accounting Software financial management module.
Is intended for handling the day care center's checkbook and create financial statements are handled by the Accounts Payable and General Ledger module of accounting software. It is that module where you can record all of your income received for your daycare, and then any expenses that may occur because of the daycare. These module in software product allow the day care centers to save a lot of time in paying bills, and analysing the center's financial results and financial condition.

Accounting payroll module.
This module allows to calculate the wages, taxes, deductions, etc. is a very time consuming task for any day care center. Many day care centers use various external payroll services, but free day care accounting software can make this process much more fast and easy. Day care centers which use the computerized time-clock can easily transfer staff hours into this component, eliminating almost all manual data entry.