Contact Management Software

Contact Keeper
Contact Keeper is an advanced address book and organizer with variuos unique features. You can store so much phone numbers, how many will wish. Also you can organize your contacts into many customized databases. For each person or business you add, you can input any additional information, or as little as just a name. Another useful feature is a dates check which will be to notify you if any birthdays or anniversaries are coming soon!

Besides this address book has the built-in module which will allow to use the modem for a dialing of any number with a simple click.

Contact Keeper allow to copy information directly to or from the clipboard, easily print any contact information or pre-addressed envelopes, and change data field names for selected contacts.

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More about contact management software:
In today's marketplace situation, it's not enough just to write a name into address book. Efficient control of contacts and communications with your clients are very essential to establish good service and increase your sales. Top managers need full access to a customer's details, including everything from contact information to a complete transaction history. Contact Management System allows to automate management of such information, organizing and simplifying the sales process for any companies. It is an ultimate solution intended for enabling an individual or a company to manage their contact list, more effectively organise their working time, process and track sales, and improve various aspects of marketing to and communicating with a clients. Contact Management program it is intended first of all for those people which deal with sales and marketing and need to trace client's details, maintain constant contacts by phone, a fax, e-mail, and other means of communication.

Finally, Contact Management Software allows to increase profits, find and attract new clients, and boost efficiency of your business as a result. A such kind of software incorporates wide range of aspects of marketing, sales, and customer service and support. Contact Management Program organizes your phone book of contacts and clients and improves your time management capabilities with its appointment calendar and scheduler that remind you exactly, what tasks should be done today.

Contact Management System allows you to define automatic reminders, sent an receive emails, automatically manage accounts, and create necessary files for direct marketing. These tasks can be linked in sequence. Thus a customer or prospect can be managed almost automatically. Contact Management Software also allows to group similar customers or accounts which then can be marketed to simultaneously. It has a calendar and the scheduler that can show planned tasks and events.

Features of a good Contact Management Software:

  • it can schedule tasks, appointments, calls, meetings, etc.
  • It allows to send faxes or e-mails direct from your desktop.

  • it allows to record, keep and sort call history, notes comments, etc.

  • it has an integrated customer support services.

  • it has a built-in phone support.

It is a powerful sales tool to keep important information of the who, what, when, and where sales contacts have been made. This software helps salesman to recall all details about every contact. It also is extremely useful tool for organizing customer information in one place to give you instant access to every detail of every relationship.