Chiropractic Software

Chiropractic is based on theory that the human organism has an internal power to care about its own health. The main target of chiropractic is a correction of spinal damages, called subluxations, in order to remove negative influences on the spinal cord and the nerves which are located between the spine's bones.

So, chiropractic care is very difficult business. But you can use the modern software to reduce expenses of time for organizational and paper work.

Today there is a wide range of software for chiropractic clinics. How to not get confused and choose the best decision? Chiropractic software should provide an complex solution for your practice such as clinical records, billing, scheduling, reminders, inventory and other features.

Good chiropractic Software should have the following basic features:

Clinical features: unlimited SOAPs & histories, daily, monthly, and yearly reports, anatomical regional recall diagnostic assistance, electronic claims submission, chief complaint database, patient balance aging, patient ledger posting, instant patient travelcard, care plan integrated with appointments.

Office features: integrated scheduling with visit sheets and warning messages, payment reports, managed care tracking, recall lists, detailed ledger, statistical analysis, electronic claims, mail merge, customizable reporting.

Chiropractic Software should be able to achieve the following:

  • To reduce paper work with ELECTRONIC BILLING.

  • Chiropractic Software should decrease the expenses on management of your electronic claims.

  • should generate automatic billings for insurance agencies.

  • should record medical exam information for every visit for every patient.

  • should have an ability to send medical appointment reminders, missed appointment notices, chiropractic care reminders, statements, and care plan schedules to patients by e-mail.

  • should have a extended feature to sorting patient's information such as mail, labels, and mail-merge.

  • should have an opportunity to serve many doctors simultaneously

  • should collect and organize Pictures and other Images such as X-ray films.

  • Appointments & Tasks - chiropractic program should automatically set up repeat appointments and special days.

  • Management Reports - it should have an ability to create your own forms and reports.

  • Inventory Control - it should support a desired level of the equipment, tools, medicines in inventory and automatically to generate orders for delivery.

  • Reminders - it should have the ability to set any reminders for any event.

  • Task Management - it should track important tasks by date, patient's or provider's name.

All features of any Chiropractic Software should be:
1. Easy-to-Learn and understandable
2. Work-Flow Oriented
3. Contain the integrated solution
4. Save Your Time
5. Provide Permanent Support.