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Trade Studio
Trade Studio is your daily instrument for making powerfull stock market research, logging and tracking your trading activity and calculating precise trade signals based on trading systems. Charting Software: Charts, which can be used by professional traders, Advanced charting tools, More then 45 indicators, Multiple charts, Printing and exporting charts.
Trading Diary - Not only properly organizes transactions that were already made but also allows you to keep detailed information with charts about further transactions.
Trading System Tool - provides you with own trading systems, easy-to-use tools and applications, Analyze performance of your activity on more then 30 years ago, Real-time buy and sell signals based on your trading system.

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DirectAdvertise.COM PowerBlaster
This Business Program allows you to send messages directly to the computer screen of the people you wanted to see your advertising. Instantly!
You do not need to wait any more, no more email filters to fight, relays and proxies to find. Just create your message and you are ready to start your advertising campaign.
85% of all computers in the web are able to display the messages you are sending to them with this software.
Very fast delivery of messages - up to 4000 messages per minute at Twin-Turbo mode (that is 240,000 messages sent per hour and about 6 million messages per day!)
Order PowerBlaster - $777

PDF-Pro allows you to automatically convert multiple documents to PDF.
ePapyrus PDF-Pro is an useful and reliable business software for creating high quality PDF files from any documents in any application software.
Features of PDF-Pro:
Microsoft Office Integration
Batch Encrypting
Batch Converting
PDF Merge & Split
Watermarks support
Bookmarks & Hyperlinks
E-Mail Attachments and more.
Order PDF-Pro - $84.95

Business Inventory System
The Business Inventory System is a special business programs that designed for small, medium and home based businesses that need a simple to use inventory program that also allows them to create orders list. In addition to the ability to manage and monitor inventory, the Business Inventory System has a powerful contact manager and scheduler. Business Inventory System only requires that the colored fields in the upper left hand corner of the data screen be filled in, all other fields are free form allowing you to put in them what you want.
Order Business Inventory System - $14.95