BOM Software

Bill of Materials software is typically used by firms which deal with manufacturing. Bill of Materials is a "recipe" of sorts that details the "ingredients" needed to manufacture a specific item. If you're producing complex products, you know the frequently changing information that needs to be managed: specifications, bills of materials (BOMs), suppliers, materials, costs, documents and more. Therefore, you should provide a continuous stream of raw materials from your suppliers to your manufacturing place. So, are you looking for a solution to help you get your products to market on time, on budget and error-free? BOM Software are designed basically for those manufacturers, who are involved in assembly, light manufacturing and various other value-add processes. It allows you to handle raw materials, which are built for stock, or built to order whether you do it in house or contract services externally. BOM software provides you with unlimited level system, designed to enhance controls over the raw material requirements and costing of produced items.

Features of a typical BOM software:

•  Quick and easy creation of bills of materials.

•  it should automatically recognize type number, using all other bills of materials saved in the database.

•  it should link product documentation automatically with related items in the bill of materials.

•  it offers direct access to documentation and specific product data of the any items in a bill of materials.

•  all data is stored in a database. Client's software communicate with database using Client-Server technology.

•  BOM software should allows you to create practically unlimited number of columns and rows per bill of materials.

•  attached documents can be imported to other applications like AutoCad, MS Excel, Word or E-Mail programs.

•  product's information can be copied from any Product Information Center directly to a bill of materials by drag-and-drop.

•  any existing bills of materials can be copied from spreadsheet applications (like MS Excel) directly into a BOM.

•  BOM software should exports any data which are required for creation of electronic product manuals.

•  it should use any type of product as a component for the further manufacturing.

•  The program should allows you to stick notes and assembly instructions at any point in the BOM

•  it should allows you to compare two revisions of a BOM on-screen at the same time.

•  Accurate Unit of Measure conversions mean accurate pricing and assembling.

•  BOM programs should allows you to track everything from drawing and change order numbers, to quality control and personnel's data.

•  You can create lotted or serialized bills and lotted or serialized components

•  You can define sub-bills during the order process, edit and view them in a multi-level hierarchy.