Free Adaware Software

Adaware Software are used to protect your computer against ad-serving software, Trojan horses, and other means of tracking your surfing habits. Such software that invade you privacy and make you see unwanted advertisements are also know as Spyware or Adware.

Symptoms of a computer infected with spyware software often include:
1. Your PC is flooded with popup windows with ads.
2. Your computer runs slower than before.
3. Your internet connection began much more slowly.
4. Your mailbox is flooded with spam emails.
5. Your computer freezes or locks up.
6. Frequent crashes of OS.

What do these malicious Spyware do with your computer:
1. Sends you frequent unwanted ads.
2. Tracks your internet activity.
3. Records your private information, steals your personal files, passwords and credit card info and send it to master.
4. Sends you spam emails.

AdAware Software can protect your systems from these Spyware.

Adaware program detects and removes adware, spyware, dialers, keyloggers, and trojans of different kinds from your computer.  These types of program that are being checked for form a relatively new kind of threat that common anti-virus applications do not yet cover. Besides that these application force your computer to be slowed down, they also make your PC vulnerable on the Internet.  Much of such adware programs actually tracks your Internet habits and reports it back to advertising companies through Internet so that they can send unwanted ads back to your computer. Adaware Software can detect and eliminate a multitude of adware modules and programs from your computer. Adaware software also can clean programs and Web-usage history from your computer, which is extremely useful if you share your computer with other users.

Features of a Good Adaware Software :

Removes Existing Spyware Infections: When you install Adaware Software at the first time, you will be prompted to perform an initial scan, which will locate any and all spyware currently residing on your system. After identifying of all these infected files, you will be able to cure or remove them.

Prevents New Spyware Infections:
Adaware Software is like a vigilant guard, protects your computer from malicious programs. After Adaware Software makes its initial scan, it will run silently in the background, continuing to block new spyware programs from infecting your computer.

24x7 Continual Monitoring & Spyware Protection:
It will continually monitor and protect your computer 24 hours x 7 days in week. This silent monitoring works in the background,and will disturb you only at detection of an infection. Once Adaware Software is installed, your PC is completely guarded against all types of adware and spyware!

Updated Spyware Database:
It should periodically update its Spyware database. It allows keeping your computer safe from even the newest threats!

Complete System Scan :
It can performs a complete system scan including all drives, registry, memory, and cookies. You can be sure, that all spyware files will be found and removed.