Academic Software

Academic Software (AS) are the exact copy of the original commercial software but sold at a discounted prices to students, teachers or schools for academic purposes. Important! Academic software can be purchased only for home or school purposes!

What are Academic Software sold at a lower rates?

Many software publishers extend special discounts to students, teachers, schools. They hope, that after the ending of an educational institution, you'll buy their software as you had already time to try and study it.

What is the difference between Academic Software and Regular software?

Academic software is fully functional software just like the regular software. There is no difference between academic software and regular software. AS comes in a packed box with CD and paper manuals, just like regular software. It is not crippled, timed, or in any way restricted in functionality. But, AS is can be used for Educational use ONLY and it cannot be used for any commercial or business purposes. Basically, AS is priced so that students and teachers can afford to learn the software, not so that a business or individual can use it to make money. So, the only difference between Academic Software and Regular software is the license that it comes with.

Who can buy Academic Software?

•  Students of Higher Education - All enrolled college, junior college, community college, technical school, vocational school, and university students.

•  Teachers - All K-12 school and Higher Education institution teachers.

•  Faculty - All K-12 school and Higher Education institution faculty.

•  Staff - All K-12 school and Higher Education institution staff.

•  Schools - All elementary, middle and high schools, vocational and technical schools, correspondence schools, including Internet correspondence schools, and all colleges, including junior and community colleges, and universities.

Usually the buyers of Academic software have to provide the sellers with a photo identity and with some documentary proof of their status being on of the above.

If you think you qualify for AS pricing, contact your local software reseller, or ask software publisher if they offer an academic discount. Also, you can buy academic software on the Internet. Software publishers such as Microsoft, Adobe, Corel, Symantec, Autodesk, and many others offer great software discounts to schools using academic site licensing. Site licensing is for educational institutes that need many copies of the academic software for use on many computers. Site licensing offers 30-70% off software prices on single copies. Academic site licensing is available to K-12 and higher-education accredited institutions.