Free software reviews

Welcome to TrueSEARCH Software Reviews site.
Here you can find information about free software products you may need.

Business and Accounting Software

Business and Accounting Software is application software that helps to maintain, keep and control your financial transactions.
Academic Software

Are you looking for Educational Software or Gradebook Software? We can recommend software from K1 through to Tertiary level which will make teaching more easy.
Day Care Software

Here you can find information about Day Care Management software, Record Keeping, Scheduling and Home Day Care Software.
House and Home Software

Designing your own kitchen, garden, building your own deck? Home Design software can help you build everything from the kitchen to an outdoor entertaining area.
CD and DVD Software

CD Burning, DVD replication and DVD player software. Most audio and video software are presented in this section. Find more about Video Editing and Video Capture software here as well.
Small Business Software

Even more often small business uses software to help manage their day to day work and make it more effective. Chiropractic, Asrtrology Software and Salon software are just a few examples.
Content and Document Management Software

CMS otherwise known as Contact Management Software or Content Management Software is big business. The applications of CMS are many and varied. Find out how your business could benefit.
Design and Multimedia Software

Are you creative person? Look out how you can turn your ideas into reality with free animation software. You can also find information about web design software, free business card software and photo editing software.
Utilities and Tools

Anti Virus software, Free Firewall Software, Adaware Software, Free FTP software, Free OCR software. Everything you need to keep your computer running fast.
Trucking and Towing Software

If you are looking for free TOW software, or Trucking software then you are in the right place.